Beach Rentals
Melkmarkt 7 en 9
4301 HB Zierikzee

T: +31 (0) 85 078 76 74

KVK: 20170984
IBAN: NL41 INGB 0008 4015 19 (t.n.v. Colorful Rentals)
BTW: NL001704316B33 

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For information and reservations, please contact our back office.

Colorful Rentals is the parent label of a number of special rental labels for leisure accommodations. Each label represents a specific philosophy or experience that the guest will experience. The location is paramount and is always special (for example on open water, by the sea or in a typical French landscape). Go to the Colorful Rentals website


Beach Rentals is a daughter label of Nautic Rentals, through Nautic Rentals are rented accommodations that are located on open water.

Go to the Nautic Rentals website


Beach Rentals is a daughter label of La France Rentals, through this label accommodations are rented which are at locations near mountains, rivers, beautiful cities, charming villages or a beautiful coastal area! Not massive or thirteen in a dozen, discover the real France through La France Rentals!
Go to the La France Rentals website