Do you rent out or own any accommodations near open water or the beach?

The labels Nautic Rentals and Beach Rentals guarantee the ultimate vacation experience to their guests.  Together with the owners of recreational centers, the labels offer high quality accommodation near the open water or beach and sea.


Besides the high quality accommodations, the labels also offer additional products or services that complete the vacation experience, like rental of boats, sailboats and beach huts for storing toys and beach chairs.


Nautic Rentals and Beach Rentals are part of a growing organization, founded in 2009, with multiple parks, more than 50 accommodations, a team of permanent staff and various collaborating partner organisations for guest reception, cleaning, maintenance and management.  The head office is situated in the historic city heart of Zierikzee, from here the back-office is taken care of.


The rented accommodations are owned by third parties, by private to medium sized professional investors, and everything in between. The organisation strives towards a good return for the owners and assists them in maintaining the quality of the accommodations.  The brand values are: unburdening, reliability and progressiveness.


Franchise as a form of cooperation.

Nautic Rentals and Beach Rentals are ambitious and want to gradually expand the organisation. We know exactly what the conditions for successful leasing of recreational accommodations are and want to share this knowhow with parties who are just as ambitious and service oriented as we are.  With recreation entrepreneurs, owners of holiday homes, owners associations and other organisations, the best of both worlds can be combined; rent the recreational accommodations yourself or via Nautic Rentals or Beach Rentals under the flag of a proven concept.


Examples of forms of cooperation with franchisers

Recreation entrepreneurs who want to rent high quality accommodations near open water or the sea and beach, whether they do this in their own name or on behalf of third parties, can opt for a form of cooperation offering a package of marketing and promotion materials, as well as a comprehensive online rental and management application.  The recreation entrepreneur can carry out all operations related to rental and management in this application and is responsible for the possible administrative processing of the entries.  The recreation entrepreneur contributes a percentage of the rent to Nautic Rentals or Beach Rentals.


Owners of multiple accommodations, as long as they are situated in a cluster or on a park near open water or the beach and sea, can directly call upon Nautic Rentals and Beach Rentals.  Together we find solutions for the operational handling of the entries, the owner receives the rent of the accommodations directly from our organization after deduction of a rental mediation commission.


What is the profile of a Nautic Rentals or Beach Rentals franchiser?

The collaborating party that carries the Nautic Rentals or Beach Rentals label is welcoming, enterprising and passionate. The tenant and the high-quality tourism product are key.


The franchiser must have sufficient commercial skills in order to make tenants feel at home in the accommodations.  The reception of the tenant takes place in a comfortable, clean and welcoming setting.


Organisationally, there must be order and knowledge of financial affairs is, naturally, a requirement.



Are you interested in collaborating with Nautic Rentals or Beach Rentals?


Please contact:

Lennard Sturm

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